The exhibition "Neverending Story", signed by Waldemar, Mariana and Agnes Mattis-Teutsch, is much more than a continuation of a tradition that lasts for four generations, an artistic tradition initiated by Hans Mattis Teutsch, expressionist artist who became famous in interwar Europe. This meeting between three artists of the same family is not only a union of names, but a communion of three artistic visions expressed differently but in sinergy. It is also a celebration of Waldemar Mattis-Teutsch's return to Nuremberg, six years after his first exhibition, in tandem with sculptor Joseph Stefan Wurmer at the Tiny Griffon Gallery in 2016, the first art event in a long series of exhibitions supported by the International Relations Department of the city of Nuremberg, within the Brasov-Nuremberg partnership.

The source of inspiration for the 14 works of the series is a well-known song by David Lang, "Just (after Song of Songs)", each work using as a metaphor and having as title a verse of the song. The whole exhibition is thus a painted poem, in which the well-known dolls characters of Iulia Șchiopu float, suspended in a world of visual symbols related to the keywords of the Song of Songs and the whole pleiad of sensations, sounds, smells, touches. which the lyrics open to the imagination.

The artist's characters are accompanied by birds, butterflies, dragonflies, flowers and fruits, herbs, spices, integrated into imaginary landscapes, the fruit of both pictorial and literary fantasy. Iulia Șchiopu first "sees" stories, and then paints the characters that populate them.

With numerous awards and recognitions in just the last years, Bradt reveals to viewers drawing as a shared language of expression, managing to convey nuanced emotions with apparent ease and - especially, as the artist likes to say, "stories". These are his stories, of his relatives, of the acquaintances who marked him at different moments, retrospectively recognized as defining, stories in which the alien-spectator feels inexplicably involved - because the epic thread is present even in portraits, but especially in the series dynamic, dedicated to a character or group of characters. This natural relationship between creator and consumer, although unfiltered, is not one of the primary emotions, but is characterized by a sensitivity perfectly assumed by the artist, which is revealed in all its imperfection, consciously anticipating the impact on the viewer.

„About the Moon” is the first solo show of beloved and popular artist Iulia Schiopu out of Romania, at the Tiny Griffon Gallery in Nuremberg, Germany. The show exhibits a series of poetic works dedicated to the month as a visual symbol of romantic escape and stories. Iulia Șchiopu's dolls "suffer" from fragility: although sometimes distant or even slightly frightening, they always have a delicacy that makes them attractive and mysterious at the same time. The series created by the artist for this exhibition has different sources of inspiration, but related to the rich symbolic load of the moon. The Earring-Moon, The Light-Moon, The Decoration-Moon, The Heart-Moon are interpretations of the central theme, to which the painter added some representative works for the melancholic imagery that has become part of Iulia Șchiopu's artistic identity.

Nuremberg is the third German city whose chronicle is drawn by Crihana (after Berlin and Potsdam), as well as the last in which it was exhibited, in October 2020, at Heilig-Geist-Spital, in the first exhibition organized by Amt für Internationale Beziehungen der Stadt Nürnberg after the first wave of the pandemic, with impressive public success. Numerous visitors wrote in the book of honor that the exhibition helped them discover unknown aspects of the city's history, congratulating the artist on his choice of sources of inspiration. Each work was accompanied by documentary notes, for a complete understanding of the stories and symbols drawn.

The show comprises thirty works celebrating architecture, artists, astronomers, printers, engineers, inventions and inventors from Nuremberg, tributes to some of the city's most prominent figures, from Albrecht Dürer, Veit Stoss, Adam Kraft or Maria Sybilla Merian, to Konrad Georg Kuppler or Ulman Stromer, including legends and stories related to the main monuments and representative buildings, from the Burg to the Frauenkirche and the cathedrals of St. Sebaldus and St. Lorenz, to Weinstadel, Schönen Brunnen or Kettenbrücke.

Combining hyperrealism with trompe l'oeil, Lassel admits to being influenced by "Baroque illusionism" and his world-famous masters such as Bramante, Mantegna, Luca Giordano, Tiepolo, equally by modern Dali and Magritte, but managed to create a world and an atmosphere very different from theirs, unique in message and composition. His works are, each and every one, the artist's answer to humanity's questions, combining personal stories (...) with a rich and complex symbolism, which has its roots even earlier, in the riddles so loved by the Renaissance.

More actual than ever, the protestatary installation of the multidisciplinary artist DORU NUȚĂ, inaugurated at the end of February in the Art Museum in Iași, is the very metaphorical image of Europe under siege. This artistic project illustrates in an allegorical way the situation of the European Union, inviting the participating visitors to think and discuss possible solutions to the current social, economic and cultural challenges of the European space.

Designed to be presented in several European Union countries, THE FUTURE LAST SUPPER installation began its journey with an exhibition in the gallery of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin, 2019.

The retrospective exhibition INTERMUNDI is a rigorous selection of the multidisciplinary artist Dumitru Şchiopu, bringing together works of painting, graphics and mixed media from different creative periods, but reunited under the sign of passion for abstract art and for the rigor of plastic construction.

A retrospective exhibition is always a challenge for artist and curator alike - because it transcends the usual role of the exhibition act, that of providing a platform for the ephemeral expression of a moment of the artist's creative life. INTERMUNDI covers not only several extremely different creative periods conceptually, technically and in content, but also to provoke a process complicated to define and self-define, to exclude collateral or insignificant choices and to concentrate on the main elements that mark a career artistic for over four decades.

"Memory and Landscape" is a project of the Romanian artist Cosmin Fruntes, who has a rich record of solo and group shows (especially with the art group NOIMA), domestic and international, present by a few years in exhibitions and selections European Union (Vienna, Budapest, Karlsruhe, etc.). The “MEMORY AND LANDSCAPE” project has been displayed both in the space of the Multicultural Center of Transylvania Univeristy Brasov, Romania, and in the one of Internationales Haus, supported by the International Relations Bureau of the city Nuremberg, Germany. The concept of the exhibition is related to the artist's experiences in relation to nature. In landscapes painted on different media (canvas, cardboard, wood), always including materials from the field - accompanied by a personal story, Cosmin Fruntes succeeds, in fact, pictorial evocations of fragile, memorable moments.



September 2021: Iulia Schiopu, THE SONG OF SONGS, Tiny Griffon Gallery Nürnberg, Germany

September 2021: Bruno Maria Bradt, MEMORIES OF A TRAVEL, Galeria Mansarda Timisoara, Romania

October 2021: Waldemar Mattis-Teutsch, Mariana Mattis-Teutsch, Agnes Mattis- Teutsch, DIE UNENDLICHE GESCHICHTE, Heilig-Geist-Spital Nürnberg, Germany October 2021: Co-curator of the International Biennale of Visual Arts, Brasov, Romania

October 2021: curator of the Romanian Art Embassy, Art Circle Slovenia

October 2021: Bruno Maria Bradt, ALPHA & OMEGA, Casa Muresenilor Museum (in the frame of the Biennale)

October 2021: Anja Molendijk, VEGETAL BODIES, Centrul Multicultural al Universitatii Transilvania Brasov (in the frame of the Biennale)


Europe Gallery Brasov (co-curator, in the frame of the Biennale)

October 2021: RESTITUTIO 111, multiples by Jacques Herold in bibliphile editions, Public Library of Brasov County (in the frame of the Biennale)

October 2021: Tori Wranes, TRACK OF HORNS (videoinstalltion), Galeria 9 Brasov (in the frame of the Biennale)

October 2021: Felix Aftene, Lucian Dan Teodorovici, Andrei Cozlac, DALIS MOUSTACHE, videoinstallation, Turnul Alb Brasov (in the Frame of the Biennale) October 2021: Andrei Cozlac, FLUID MEMORY, interactive videoinstallation, Turnul Sfatului Brasov (in the frame of the Biennale)

November 2021: Felix Aftene, Andrei Cozlac, Lucian Dan Teodorovici, DALIS MOUSTACHE, Romanian Cultural Centre Berlin, Germany

December 2021: Roland Pangrati, THE MOON GLOWS THE SAME, paintings, Art Museum of the National Museums Moldova, Palatul Culturii, Iasi, Romania


February 2020: Michael Lassel, THE WORLD AS ALLEGORY AND MYTH”, National Art Museum Cluj-Napoca, Romania

February 2020: Doru Nuta, THE (FUTURE) LAST DINNER, Art Museum of the National Museums Moldova, Palatul Culturii, Iasi, Romania

September 2020: Iulia Schiopu, ABOUT THE MOON, Tiny Griffon Gallery Nuremberg

October 2020: Florian Doru Crihana, NÜRNBERG INSPIRIEREND, Heilig-Geist- Spital Nuremberg

December 2020: Bruno Maria Bradt, HOMO SUM; National Art Museum Cluj Napoca, Romania

December 2020: Florian Doru Crihana LEONTINA VADUVA ON THE WORLD’S SCENES, City Museum Bucharest, Romania


February 2019: Anca Jung, THE OTHERS. A LOVE STORY, painting, graphics. Exhibition and concert in the Tiny Griffon Gallery Nuremberg

March 2019: Anca Jung, CONTEMPORARY FIGURES, painting, graphics.

Exhibition and concert in the art gallery of the Consulate General of Romania in Munich and Florian Doru Crihana, EYES WIDE OPEN: EUROPEAN CITIES, Paintings. Exhibition in the gallery of the Europa House, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

May 2019: Stella Radu, GIVE YOUR BREATH TO THE DAY, paintings. Exhibition in the Tiny Griffon Gallery Nuremberg and Doru Nuta, THE (FUTURE) LAST SUPPER, installation - exhibition and concert in the art gallery of the Romanian Cultural Institute Berlin.

June 2019: Dumitru Schiopu, INTERMUNDI, painting

Exhibition and concert in Heilig-Geist-Spital Nürnberg, in cooperation with the Office for International Relations of the City of Nuremberg

September 2019: Rodica Lomnasan, BEYOND MEMORIES, etching and lithographs Exhibition and concert at the Tiny Griffon Nuremberg gallery; Ani Bradea, BIOGRAFII EXILATE, book launch, exhibition and concert at the Tiny Griffon Gallery Nuremberg and Florian Doru Crihana, LES BICYCLETTES DE SANSSOUCI, exhibition at the Galerie Am Jägertor Potsdam

October 2019: Co-curator of the Blue Biennale in Kronstadt Romania (International Art Biennale)

October 2019: Petra Krischke, ADMIRABILA OTRAVA, Europe Gallery, in the frame of the International Biennale Brasov, Romania

November 2019: Florian Doru Crihana, NÜRNBERG INSPIRIEREND, Tiny Griffon Gallery Nürnberg


January 2018: Cosmin Fruntes (Brasov), MEMORY & LANDSCAPE, painting. Exhibition in Centrul Multicultural al Universitatii Transilvania Brasov

March 2018: Eugen Raportoru (Bucharest), SMALL AGREEMENT ON COLOR, painting

Exhibition in the Tiny Griffon Gallery Nuremberg

April 2018: Christian Paraschiv (Paris), NOMOS / LES MARIEES, painting and object

Exhibitions in the Fantom Gallery Berlin and in the Tiny Griffon Gallery Nuremberg May 2018: Lucian Christian Hamsea, MISSION ABSTRAKT, painting, contemporary art gallery

National Museum Brukenthal Sibiu and Lucian Christian Hamsea, LANDMARKS, book launch,

National Museum Brukenthal Sibiu

June 2018: Florin Morun (Jassy), IN MOTION, Painting - Art residence and exhibition at the Tiny Griffon Gallery Nuremberg and Cosmin Fruntes, MEMORY & LANDSCAPE, painting.

Exhibition and catalogue launch, Internationales Haus / Heilig-Geist-Spital Nürnberg September 2018: Sorin Purcaru (Jassy), FABULOUS BEINGS, sculpture and watercolors; exhibition in the Consulate General Romania Munich gallery

November 2018: Dan Neamu (Craiova), MYTH AND MYTHOLOGY, Graphic works Art residence and exhibition at the Tiny Griffon Gallery Nuremberg


January - February 2017 Jürgen van Buer, "EINE FESTE BURG", photo exhibition, hosted in the Vesperkirche in Nuremberg.

February - March 2017: "Corona - The City in the East", photo exhibition about Kronstadt / Corona / Brasov - Romania, by Jürgen van Buer (Berlin), in partnership

with the Office for International Relations of the City of Nuremberg and the Cultural Advisory Board of immigrant Germans / Haus the home of Nuremberg.

March - June 2017: Jürgen van Buer - EINE FESTE BURG, fortified churches from Transylvania in the Consulate General of Romania, Munich

May 2017: Melita Biber Nuta & Doru Nuta, INSIDE-OUT, painting, graphics, sculpture in Tiny Griffon Gallery

June - July 2017: Sorin Purcaru, TRANSFIGURATION, graphics in Tiny Griffon Gallery

September 2017: Petre Chirea (Bucharest), MY TOWN, MY UNIVERSE, painting. Art residence and exhibition at the Tiny Griffon Gallery


January 2016 Horia Vancu "Light and Landscape" (painting), Nuremberg February 2016 Christian Lucian Hamsea "Der Lotusstein" (painting and sculpture), Nuremberg, and

Gabriela Bodin, "RETENTION" (painting), with the Romanian Cultural Institute Bucharest

March 2016: Ursula Krauss, Nuremberg

April - May 2016: Group exhibition "Academia Luciana" (International), Nuremberg May - June 2016: Gabriela Bodin, Black Cube, Galeria Galateca, Bucharest

June 2016: Ion Aron Taroi, Victoria Taroi and Vladimir Taroi, "LICHTSPUREN" - painting, graphics, collage, mixed media, in the Heilig-Geist-Spital / Internationales Haus, in cooperation with the Office for International Relations of the City of Nuremberg and Sorin Purcaru (sculpture), Cezara Kolesnik (painting), Vasile Botnaru (graphic, watercolor), Eugeniu Gorean (watercolor) - "Two Countries, One Soul", in the European Parliament, the Altiero Spinelli building, Brussels.

August 2016: Sorin Purcaru (graphics, sculpture), Kishinev City Library (Moldova), in cooperation with the Romanian Cultural Institute.

August 2016: Lecture at the art management course at the art camp Civitella d Agliano, Italy.

October 2016: Christian Lucian Hamsea and Ursula Kraus, Debut Two, Accademia di Romania, Rome, Italy.


January 2015 special exhibition "Two Parts", Josef Stefan Wurmer (Nuremberg, wood sculpture) and Waldemar Mattis Teutsch (Kronstadt, Romania, painting), under the patronage of the Office for International Relations, City of Nuremberg

March 2015 Solo exhibition Gabriela Bodin, "OF MEN AND BEASTS" (painting), Nuremberg

April 2015 Solo exhibition Felix Aftene, "World of Blue" (painting), Nuremberg

May 2015 special retrospective show Michael Lassel, "Analogue Worlds" (painting), with the support of the Nuremberg Cultural Advisory Board of German immigrants and under the patronage of Ms. Dr. Julia Lehner, Culture Officer of the City of Nuremberg,

Gabriela Bodin, "OF MEN AND BEASTS" (painting), Munich

June 2015 Constantin Tofan, "Romanian landscapes" (painting), Nuremberg September 2015 Vasile Tolan, "The Subjectivity of Matter" (Painting, Mixed Media), Nuremberg

October 2015 Nada Stojci, "Hidden Fragrances", sculpture, Nuremberg, and Michael Lassel, "Analog Worlds", together with the Romanian Cultural Institute, Berlin

November 2015 Elisabeth Ochsenfeld (painting, graphics) and Maxim Dumitras (sculpture), "DIE ANDERE HÖHE", Nuremberg

December 2015 Gabriele Rothweiler "CityLightSeries: Bucharest" (photographic painting), Munich


January 2014 solo exhibition Nicolae Ungar, "Überzeichen und Horizonte" (painting), Nuremberg

February 2014 Elisabeth Ochsenfeld (painting and graphics) and Marieta Pamfil (art jewelry), "A pearl for Frida", Nuremberg

March 2014 Solo exhibition Doru Tulcan, "MUNDUS" (painting), Nuremberg and Stefan Pelmus, "Season of Colors", Munich

April 2014 solo exhibition Gabriela Drinceanu, "Winged" (wood sculpture and graphics), Nuremberg

May 2014 Iosif Stroia (graphic) and Rudolf Kocsis (wood sculpture), "Crossculture", Nuremberg

June 2014 solo exhibition Doru Tulcan, "MUNDUS", Munich, General Consulate of Romania

June 2014 group exhibition "TRADITIONS" (painting, graphics), Nuremberg September 2014 Constantin Tofan (painting) and Sorin Purcaru (sculpture), "Traumland", Nuremberg

October 2014 solo exhibition Marcel Lupse "Duftgarten" (painting, mixed media), Nuremberg and "Memory of a City - Kronstadt, Romania" (special exhibition with reading and round table), under the patronage of the Office for International Relations, City of Nuremberg

November 2014 solo exhibition Rithika Merchant, "Encyclopedia of the Strange", Nuremberg and Marcel Lupse, "Duftgarten" (painting), General Consulate of Romania Munich

December 2014 Ileana Dimitriu, "Brasileiros" (painting, graphics, mixed media), Nuremberg


November 2013 Group exhibition, "Fashion and costume in graphic arts" (graphic), Tiny Griffon Gallery Nuremberg

December 2013 solo exhibition Stefan Pelmus, "SEASON OF COLORS" (painting), Nuremberg