Part of one impressive European Cities tour, “Nürnberg Inspirierend” is an exhibition inspired by the rich history of the medieval and pre-industrial Nuremberg. It is the third German city covered by the detailed works of Crihana, after Berlin and Potsdam, following Bologna and Venice (Italy), Paris, Strasbourg and La Reole (France), Bruges (Belgium), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Galati (Romania), the city where the artist lives and works. The show comprises 30 works, all oil on cardboard, following months of research and study of various written and photo documents on the city of Nuremberg and its representative people, monuments, legends and traditions.


Sorin George Purcaru, Romanian sculptor and graphic artist, has an art show at Tiny Griffon Gallery in Nuremberg, until the 16th of October, in collaboration with the painter Constantin Tofan. The exhibition, named Traumland (Dreamland), displays figurative works in bronze, stainless steel and steel.

To which creative period belong the works that can be seen in the exhibition?

The works I’m showing are part of a recent cycle, but in addition I have wished to also exhibit three works belonging to an older period of time, because I consider them representative for what I am standing for as an artist. These three are: Masina de Zburatacit (The Flying Machine), Masina de Forfecat Vise (The Dream-cutting Machine) and Inima (The Heart), executed in steel, although my current materials of choice are stainless steel and bronze. My works of art are representative of my searches into volumetrics and have no seriality, but rather a connection through their themes and forms.

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Sharing her time between her native Mumbay and Barcelona, city that adopted her six years ago, Rithika Merchant combines myths, legends, archaic figures of the world and integrates them into her own artistic vision, with strong, universal motifs, as genesis, liberation, fertility, transcendence and, more recently, death.

Her characters are always part of a world where the natural elements are stylized and the forms are intertwined, having as result metamorphic people, with inclusions or with vegetal and animal growths. The scales, the feathers, the leaves cover their bodies, as in ‘Twins’, muscles and bones convert in fiber and grow roots, as in ‘Imaginary Friend’, fabulous plants spring and grow from the body’s extremities, as in ‘Chimera’.

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