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Art and why it matters

Like Charles Saatchi, the ego that much of the contemporary art world orbits around, I am an artoholic. My life has been in the perpetual pursuit of my next art fix, since I started hanging around at my arty college with artists, developing my taste and championing the people who create things that, sadly, I…
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Otilia’s Geometry

She chooses the best and the most unusual leather, the most extraordinary metal accessories (handmade polished, not moulded), the trendiest patterns… and she is my loyal friend. She has spent her precious time choosing just one-of-a-kind precious leather, one or two pieces in various colours, old and new unusual shapes, just for my gallery.
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Art gallery for beauty lovers

To share affordable art & design objects with people interested in beauty and emotion. Because  ‘art for the collectors’ is such a common motto. And because not everyone is a collector, nor wants everyone to become one... For most of us, art & design are part of our daily life.
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