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Art and why it matters

Like Charles Saatchi, the ego that much of the contemporary art world orbits around, I am an artoholic. My life has been in the perpetual pursuit of my next art fix, since I started hanging around at my arty college with artists, developing my taste and championing the people who create things that, sadly, I…
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Nuremberg, art and my love

I still feel privileged to be able to take my daily route, which has become a routine I go on enjoying, going through the old streets, past the three-floor tall late 19th century buildings of St. Johannis or past the finely restored mediaeval wooden houses around St. Sebaldus. To pass by wonderful, tiny workshops of…
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Ştefan Pelmuş – Semiotics of Love

Pelmuş does not show you, does not demonstrate or teach, does not coerce the onlooker. He doesn’t pull your sleeve any one way. He serves you a plentiful meal, well, yes, one full of nails, of stalks, of thorns, of Egyptian crosses and of vignetted books... And lets you choose your way and your companions.
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