BEYOND – first solo Ursula Krauss

Ursula clears away the inconsequential, the gray, the boring, the sedimented waste of everydays life with an energetic gesture and looks behind the apparent curtain of the world for reaching the essence. Finding this core, a diamond in the desert is her main interest. More concretely, she seeks and finds the absolute color shade.

In the game of rhythm and arhythm she starts and goes on a journey of discovery.
With the given many she builds, in her infantile imagination, up a new world, for us viewers something that has never existed.
Like a child, in an incomprehensible logic, Ursula fascinates us with this new reality, this fantasy castle. It seems to us like a concrete ductual area in the absolute shade, sometimes in a flaming red. She invites us to warm us with her hard game- to leave our gray safe world and to fly in the middle of the explosion of colors to experience the warmness and freedom of our childhood again.

But all her impartiality, which runs through many major, minor, and dead ends, let her always find a way to the top of the mountain. The truest process of forming art in the full sense of the word, which leads us to the peak- also one step further -,, Beyond``.
More than her graphic work, her painting is growing through color and characteristic style to a polyphonic symphonic work.
She pulls out all the stops of technique to create a complex melodious painting and not a pathological one. Responding to the previous approaches she builds up her work, not knowing where it will lead her. Like an excavator, she clears up until she explores the essence, she clears up and approaches the inside of her being.

These are results of her passion and love for color. All registers of chromaticism.
It is the inexhaustible painting itself, which let her speak in color, surface, shades and lines. The aim is not to map something, but to catch a state over time and space, which she tries to capture with colors and lines. Experiences, emotions are trapped, filtered and put in the place of painting.
Her painting leaves the square of the high flight, a place of order, but in extreme dynamics.

Her curiosity always drives her to set out on a journey and to start a new flight into this still unknown world- the goal remains uncertain!

Christian Lucian Hamsea is much more than an artist. He is a professor, with several generations of disciples, an organizer, with lots of initiatives in the arts and education field, a mentor for lots of younger aspiring artists and a great networker. He was more than happy to present the first solo show of his scholar, Ursula Krauss.

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