"Beyond", is the first solo exhibition of the young artist Ursula Krauss (Usela), which will be opened on March 11, 2016 7:30 PM at the Tiny Griffon Gallery in Nuremberg. On display are paintings and drawings.
Ursula Krauss was born in Sibiu in 1984, studied Art Education / English at FAU and 2011 she set about her further studies of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts (AdBK) in Nuremberg. In addition to several artistic residencies abroad (for example, Turkey, Italy, Russia, Namibia), she has participated in several group shows in Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Japan and North America. She is also co-founder of the Academia Luciana.
Ursula's works invite you to immerse into a new world, beyond reality. Worlds in which not the picture of reality is crucial, but the atmosphere, a life of its own in the image or figure. Line, surface and nuances determine these new worlds and bring them up to life with her powerful style. Ursula implements happened, experienced moments or rather- a certain feeling; whether directly and spontaneously or after a deep processing of her surroundings. She decompose these by her imaginary filter and creates expressively a new reality. Against all rules of nature and with an unleashed power, she moves ´´Beyond´´ her horizon and arrives at these unrepeatable works- a free festival of colors and lines.

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